Who We Are

At Indigo Physiotherapy, we believe in challenging the traditional models of care to cultivate true whole-body healing. We offer one-on-one, private and personalized treatment sessions with our clients, focusing on their individual goals for healing and returning to function. Using an ever-evolving paradigm of whole-body health, at Indigo we blend traditional medicine with holistic approaches to create and propagate individualized healing, wellness, movement and function across the lifespan. We strive to create and maintain an atmosphere of safety and welcome for all who walk through our door.

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Why Choose Us

Our holistic approach means that we don’t chase pain or “fix” people; we treat dysfunction, listen to your goals and needs, and treat with a whole-body approach. As Dr. DuFlo delved further into treatment of pelvic pain and dysfunction, prenatal and postpartum care, it became exceedingly obvious that full healing is a collaborative approach that often requires other modalities in addition to physical therapy. We would be happy to provide reading resources and peer-reviewed evidence for this collaborative and dynamic approach. Our meticulously curated team of professionals were sought out by Dr. DuFlo specifically because they are highly educated, skilled at their unique crafts, and bring a unique approach to healing. As you follow your own unique path to healing, you may choose to seek one, or all, modalities, as well as referring you to other trusted local providers.

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Indigo’s model is based upon the relationships with our clients and the time available to spend with them. As a concierge physical therapy and integrative health practice, we are available in off-hours for phone and e-mail communications, we respond timely to our clients needs, have the ability to flex our hours and schedule to help our clients get the treatment they need quickly. As the models for healthcare change, Indigo is on the forefront of the future of healthcare, putting the client first.

Indigo Physiotherapy is the only pelvic physical therapy practice in the region in which each and every pelvic physical therapist has the highest level of specialist certification available (WCS or PRPC) AND has educated at a university level.  We are passionate about what we do and hope that every day you feel that from us.

We are highly trained specialists in pelvic floor dysfunction, including but not limited to sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, endometriosis, fertility, incontinence, pregnancy-related issues and pain, bowel issues, sexual trauma and general pelvic health issues. We invite you to one of our three convenient locations: our clinics in Baltimore, Ellicott City, or Mt. Airy.

We welcome you to visit our large and inviting studio space, perfect for regaining the relationship with your body postpartum as you return to running, assessment of movement, exercise and movement analysis of athletes returning to sport, or our comforting private rooms for client care.

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Dr. Samantha DuFlo, PT, DPT, Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certified (PRPC), RRCA Certified Running Coach

Owner/Founder of Indigo Physiotherapy

Dr. Samantha DuFlo, PT, DPT, PRPC earned a Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, after which she relocated to Chicago, IL to further her knowledge and training in pelvic pain and rehabilitation. As Chicago is home to several of the leading pelvic pain institutions, Dr. Sam felt privileged to be immersed in the learning, research and care environment. Returning to the Baltimore area, Dr. Sam was able to bring her unique, holistic approach to treatment of pelvic and sexual dysfunction happily to Baltimore City and the greater Maryland region.

Dr. Sam prides herself on being up to date with current research, pursuing continuing education, ongoing pelvic trends, and education of her clients so they can dispel pelvic “myths” and come to understand their own bodies and journeys to healing. As a holistic physical therapist, Dr. Sam integrates a wide range of therapeutic and manual techniques, and a multifaceted approach to facilitate whole-body healing.  Dr. Sam is a hunter of knowledge, has a passion for the pelvis and women's health, and loves a good challenge.

Dr. Sam is adjunct faculty, teaching reproductive anatomy, physiology, and pathology at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine to doctor of physical therapy students. Dr. Sam is honored to have been asked to lecture and present to groups both small and large, a regular guest on podcasts and conferences.  You can find Dr. Sam quoted often in large media, such as Scary Mommy, Motherhood Magazine, the New York Times, featured on TV broadcast and more.  Dr. Sam is honored to have been awarded the Daily Record's Leading Women 2020 award, honoring women 40 years of age or younger for the accomplishments they have made so far in their careers and recognizes the next generation of Maryland's women leaders.

Dr. Sam specializes in treating complicated pelvic pain and dysfunction, as well as prenatal, postpartum, and the athlete.  A distance runner, yoga/Pilates student, and mama herself, Dr. Sam is passionate about continuing to exercise safely and effectively throughout pregnancy, and resuming sport, yoga, running, and weight lifting postpartum.  Dr. Sam enjoys the postpartum niche, treating severe tears, urinary incontinence, birth related injuries, and diastasis recti. Dr. Sam works with high level competitive and professional athletes and runners on a national level.  In addition to her high level of training and expertise in running, Dr. Sam is an RRCA Certified Running Coach, and has been featured in Runner's World magazine, Women's Running magazine, Livestrong, Pop Sugar, amongst others. Dr. Sam has a love of Pilates and utilizes principles of pilates throughout her practice, and is mid-way through her full mat and reformer pilates certification through Balanced Body Pilates Dr. Sam has been voted 2021 Baltimore Sun's Readers Choice Awards for Best in Baltimore: Best Physical Therapist -AND- 2021 Baltimore Magazine's Best in Baltimore Editor's Choice Award for Best Physical Therapist.

Additionally, global and public health outreach is important to Dr. Sam, having traveled to Costa Rica and Malawi for medical global outreach and research.

Questions?  Feel free to reach out at [email protected]!

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Dr. Kristen Joyce, PT, DPT, Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certified (PRPC)

Clinical Director Ellicott City/Mt Airy Locations

Dr. Kristen Joyce earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  She found her love for treating pelvic and sexual dysfunction during her last internship in school. Treating as a pelvic physical therapist since that point, Dr. Joyce believes the best physical therapist is one that merges expertise on both orthopedics and pelvic physical therapy to treat the whole client. Giving up to date, evidence-based care, Dr. Joyce is an expert and leader in her field, working closely with surgeons and medical doctors on the latest technology and improvements, particularly with gender affirmation procedures. She has been certified by Herman & Wallace as a Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC), the top certification available.

Dr. Joyce specializes in the care and treatment of the LGBTQIA+ community, including care of post-operative gender affirming surgeries.  Dr. Joyce also specializes in individuals undergoing fertility treatments or along their fertility journey, clients with hypermobility disorders, endometriosis/PCOS, and pre/post surgical (bladder sling, hysterectomy, endometriosis surgery, etc.)  She also had an extensive knowledge in the treatment of pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, urinary and fecal incontinence and pregnancy and postpartum related impairments, as well as treating clients with a history of trauma.

Additionally, Dr. Joyce is a Clinical Instructor, mentor to rising pelvic PT's, and lectures and lab assists for the doctor of physical therapy program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

Dr. Joyce is excited to be joining the Indigo team where she will be able to continue to focus on an individualized approach for every client. She is a well known pelvic health practitioner in Columbia and Mount Airy, MD where she will continue to provide one-on-one, individualized care to that community.

Dr. Kristen, Physical therapist in Baltimore MD

Dr. Patricia Hays, PT, DPT

Dr. Patricia Hays received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.  While studying in her doctorate program, Dr. Trish completed an intense clinical rotation where she had the opportunity to treat pelvic floor dysfunction for all body types, thus sparking her passion for pelvic floor and manual therapy.  Since that point, Dr. Trish has continued to pursue excellence in hands-on treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction.  Believing that care should be given based on all body systems, not just the area of dysfunction, Dr. Trish found her home at Indigo as a good match for her treatment ethos.

Dr. Trish specializes in the care and treatment of pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum dysfunction, clients with hypermobility disorders, urinary and fecal incontinence, pre/post surgical (endometriosis, hysterectomy, bladder slings, etc.).  She has special interest in CranioSacral Therapy and visceral mobilization and continues to grow her knowledge base in this area.

In her free time, you will find Dr. Trish reading in the park or hiking on a local trail as she is an avid nature lover. She is also an active member of her Pigtown community and enjoys volunteering and attending their community events.  Dr. Trish is a manual therapy rockstar and we are excited to have her on our Indigo team seeing clients in all 3 locations!

Dr Trish, Physical Therapist in Baltimore MD

Dr. Jana Bille, PT, DPT, CSCS

Dr. Jana received her Bachelor of Exercise Science and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania.  Through her work in outpatient orthopedics throughout Baltimore, Dr. Jana has honed a vast knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions.  As Dr. Jana developed her unique manual therapy skill set combined with love for the form and movement of the body, she achieved advanced certifications including NSCA strength and conditioning specialist, certification in dry needling through EIM, and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization through Graston.

Dr. Jana’s manual therapy and concussion rehabilitation coursework has supported her niche of working with clients with chronic neck pain, headaches, and upper extremity dysfunction.  Often people postpartum present with chronicity of headaches or balance challenges due to postural or hormonal changes, to which Dr. Jana applies her detailed background in creating an achievable plan of care together with her clients.  Additionally, Dr. Jana specializes in working with highschool and collegiate female athletes in post injury rehab, avoidance of pelvic floor impact, and progression through menstrual phases and optimal sports outcomes, as well as working with athletes during Mamahood.

Dr. Jana comes to Indigo with the desire to provide unique, whole-body perspective care to her orthopedic and pelvic clientele with direct, hands-on manual therapy and a listening ear.  When not working, Dr. Jana enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and spoiling her Bernedoodle puppy.


Jessie Bernstein, LMT, BCTMB, CEIM

Jessie Bernstein is a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist and Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. She graduated from University of Hartford in Health Science and returned back to Maryland to study at the Baltimore School of Massage. With dedication to advanced trainings, she specializes in fertility, pregnancy & postpartum massage, oncology massage and also teaches infant massage classes.

As a second generation massage therapist, she grew up with an incredible appreciation with the power of touch and was energetically inspired to provide the same support. Working with clients who already have so much going on with their health, she seeks to create plans with her clients to give them part of the steering wheel with their care. Women’s health has been her passionate drive for massage therapy. She utilizes her hands, and the messages of her client's bodies and voices, to listen to her clients, navigate the body, and provide the necessary support to encourage shifts to happen.

Jessie is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, the Society for Oncology Massage, Maryland Birth Network, and Infant Massage USA. With her skill set, Jessie has worked in various settings including hospitals, cancer centers and wellness centers which has provided numerous experience opportunities within her focuses.

In addition to massaging, Jessie is also a retreat facilitator, helping people through the journey of magical empowerment. In her spare time, she actively volunteers for local cancer organizations, plays with her puppy, and enjoys walking on trails and hiking with her husband.

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Austin Rees, LMT, IBCLC

Austin Rees is dedicated to enhancing individual journeys to the highest vibrations. Austin has a degree in Biology from Hollins University, as well as a completion of the Lotus School of Integrated Profession's Massage Therapy Program. Soon after the birth of her first child she concentrated her additional education to focus on pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant development. She became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, a Certified Babywearing Educator, and a Certified TummyTime! Method Professional, and is a Maryland Licensed Massage Therapist. Her hands-on experience with pregnancy and birth education is an asset to her treatments at Indigo with our focus in women's health.

Learning Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy for herself, family, and clients was a natural next step. By acting as a conduit or channel through which Reiki energy travels, Austin provides clients with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Knowing firsthand the challenges pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can have on parents, she is inspired to bring peace, healing, and comfort to clients through all stages of conception, pregnancy, and postpartum.

In addition to providing services to families and clients, Austin enjoys down time with her husband, four children, and two dogs. She thrives circling with local women and facilitating invigorating retreats. Austin is dedicated to supporting causes centering on social justice. She also enjoys attending workshops, conferences, and completing courses that inspire inner healing, and empower her to provide further education and knowledge that she can pass onto clients.

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Traci Spacek, RMP

Traci Spacek is a Registered Massage Practitioner and member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She is a graduate of The Holistic Massage Training Institute in Baltimore, where she honed her passion for healing massage through a series of intensive clinics and hands-on learning. Traci specializes in a variety of techniques including: myofascial release, stretching, prenatal, infant and child massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, and breathwork. Her mission is to help her clients feel safe and at home in their bodies.

As a queer massage therapist, Traci believes strongly in client-centered, affordable, and affirming bodywork for all genders and body types. Growing up, she received regular massage from her Aunt which assisted in pain management, grounding, and an ability to accept her body and learn to work and heal with it. She has followed this path to help share the benefits of massage therapy with those around her. We all deserve to rest, to be cared for, and to be pampered. Traci understands that sharing your body and your pain can be vulnerable, so working at the client’s speed and comfort level is a central tenet of her practice. Additionally, Traci has spent many years in childcare, working specifically with infants, young children, and their families and is trained to lead new parents through the basics of child massage and breathwork.

Outside of work, Traci loves to read, do yoga, host dinner parties with friends, and relax with her cat, Addie!

Traci, Massage Therapist Baltimore MD

Abbey Lane-Sulton


Abbey is our much-valued office administrator. Abbey is a current Masters of Nutrition candidate at the Maryland University of Integrative Health working towards her career goal to become a Certified Nutritionist. Abbey hopes to one day help women achieve fertility through nutrition. When she is not at Indigo, she can be found teaching Yoga classes or at home with her two cats Luna and Mugzy.

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Kelly Kendall, RN, IBCLC

Kelly Kendall is a registered nurse and internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). As an RN, she has spent most of her career supporting women and infants as a high risk obstetrical nurse and later as a postpartum nurse. After struggling with breastfeeding her own 2 children, and learning what a difference compassionate evidence-based breastfeeding support can make, Kelly turned her passion into a career. Since certifying as an IBCLC, Kelly has worked as a hospital-based lactation consultant and a private practice IBCLC specializing in telehealth support. As a self confessed lacto-nerd, she is always eager to learn the newest skills to serve her families (why she is so crazy excited to be working at Indigo!). A fierce supporter of maternal mental health, Kelly knows there is not one “right way” to breastfeed. . Meeting her clients where they are, Kelly blends the latest evidence- based breastfeeding information, humor, and a down to earth attitude to uniquely support the family’s feeding goal. When she is not talking about boobs and babies you can find her gardening or dancing poorly. Find out more about Kelly here.