At Indigo Physiotherapy, we believe in the value of one on one treatment sessions with our clients, dictated by each individual’s personal goals and presentation. By having a flat fee model of pricing, we can individualize our treatments and maintain the transparency of health care costs, giving our clients the best care for the least cost. Our goal for each session is that you leave feeling educated, with hope for healing, and with a sound understanding of the plan of care and goals that we develop together to best suit your needs. As a concierge physical therapy practice, we are available in off-hours for phone and e-mail communications, we respond timely to our clients needs, have the ability to flex our hours and schedule to help our clients get the treatment they need quickly: we believe in the value of these services.   As the models for healthcare change, Indigo is on the forefront of the future of healthcare, putting the client first.  Indigo has a unique and highly trained holistic perspective on pregnancy, post-partum, pelvic and orthopedic issues that goes unmatched in the greater Baltimore area.

PHONE CONSULTATION (15 min increments)

Typical “what should I expect,” or “am I a candidate for physical therapy” and other brief questions prior to scheduling or initial visit are complementary.  Phone consultations are available for 15 minute increments in length, $25.00 if you have more lengthy questions.


During your initial one hour session with Indigo, we will discuss your goals, perform a comprehensive evaluation, provide an initial treatment, educate you on your anatomy, prognosis, and how to perform self-care, modifications, exercises at home, as well as develop a plan of care with you in order to best meet your schedule, needs and goals.

Treatment Session

(15 minutes): $30.00

Follow Up Treatment

(30 minutes): $60.00

Treatment Session

(45 minutes): $90.00

Follow Up Treatment

(60 minutes): $120.00



Indigo’s Pregnancy Package is designed to best prepare your body both physically and energetically to nurture and develop your baby as well as deliver, and recover to your best self post delivery. Our Pregnancy Package includes:

(1) 60 min session either pre-pregnancy or in early stages of pregnancy

(1) 60 min session during pregnancy

(1) 8-week post delivery 60 min session

(3) 15-min phone or Skype consultations (timing of your choice)

(1) 60 min session either pre-pregnancy or in early stages of pregnancy

(1) 60 min session during pregnancy

(1) 8-week post delivery 60 min session

(3) 15-min phone or Skype consultations (timing of your choice)


A 60 minute one on one session for those thinking about breastfeeding in the future, or those that are pregnant and want to best prepare. This hour includes a musculoskeletal-skeletal examination and assessment as well as a personalized approach to strengthening, taping, posturing, therapeutic exercise and positioning, as well as stretching, education and meditative wellness to facilitate your best self during future breast feeding. Clients are always welcome to bring a partner or family member that will support the individual breast feeding in order to have whole-family participation and learning.


Evaluation and treatment visits in the home allow you to juggle a hectic schedule, limit the burden of finding child care to attend an appointment in the office, and enable optimal privacy.  Whether you are pregnant, post-partum, or simply prefer having someone come to you, we’re here to help!
To ensure that services in the home are the right option for you, we start by scheduling a brief 5-10 minute phone consultation to learn more about you and what you would like to address.  If concierge pelvic health services are the right fit, then we will schedule a mutually agreeable time for one our pelvic health specialists to come to your home.


  • Complimentary phone consultation
  • Concierge visit in the home: $295 (60-90 minutes)


10-15 miles from Baltimore City, with a surcharge outside of this radius based on an individual basis.  Please call us with questions, there may be room for exceptions!
Please note: Due to the nature of travel planning and mindful scheduling, home visits require cancellation of an appointment 48 hours or more in advance, or by Thursday for a Monday appointment in order to avoid the concierge late cancellation fee of $150.00

Would you like to partner with your gal pals and purchase a postpartum home visit as baby shower gift?  Pop over here to purchase a gift card for Indigo.



No fee for cancellation or re-scheduling over 24 hours from scheduled appointment. This is to allow all clients to have an equal opportunity at having convenient appointment times, so Indigo greatly appreciates giving us notice.


Indigo is considered “out of network” for insurance companies, which allows us to dictate best treatment for our client’s diagnosis, allows us to see our clients as frequently or infrequently as the plan of care we develop together sees fit, as well as provides for transparent health care costs. If you do have insurance, you can call your provider to see what the reimbursement policy is for out of network providers, and we will happily provide you with a receipt at the end of each visit which has all of the information you need to submit to your insurance. We believe that quality health care should be accessible to all. Please let us know in advance if you have Medicare, as there are certain state and national regulations that we need to consider.


Questions? Concerns about how many times you might need to be seen? What is the process like? Please call us at (410) 279-8231 or e-mail us at and we will respond promptly. We are so grateful to have you as our future client and look forward to connecting, or referring you to someone else who may serve you.