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Dr. Sam's Interview with Fox Baltimore (9/20):   Getting Back into Running Post Quarantine

Dr. Sam's Interview with WBAL Baltimore (9/21): Tips for Running Routine and Postpartum Running 

Dr. Sam has been awarded the Daily Record's 2020 Leading Women (10/9): Leading Women 2020 Award

Dr. Sam's Interview with Fox 45 Baltimore (10/18): National Physical Therapy Month

Dr. Sam's Interview with Authority Magazine (10/30): Women In Wellness- 5 Lifestyle Tweaks Toward A Better Wellbeing

Dr. Sam in The Sport Review (2020):   How To Get Back Into Running Again

Dr. Sam's Interview with Thrive Global (11/15): "Trusting Your Gut"

Dr. Sam in Runner's World  (11/25): Why Your Iron and Inflammation Levels Surge After You Run a Marathon

Dr. Sam in Insider Health (11/25):   5 ways to prevent side stitches and cramps when running, according to physical therapists

Dr. Sam in Miss K Your Lifestyle Magazine online (11/25): Pregnancy Can Boost Your VO2 Max

Dr. Sam on the Be Well More Podcast  (1/5): Be Well More Podcast

Dr. Sam in Bustle  (1/6): Why You Cramp Up After Mastrubating & What You Can Do About It

Dr. Sam in Livestrong Magazine online  (2/1): The Perfect 15-Min Workout When You're Recovering From A Heart Attack


Dr. Sam on Fox 45 (2/12): Valentines Gifts For New Moms

Dr. Sam on Mind, Body, Green (2/20): What Causes Painful Orgasms? Dysorgasmia, Explained

Dr. Sam in Women's Running (4/6): 5 Easy Ways to Make Your Basic Plank Better


Austin Live with Shelly from Kiss Kiss Goodnight  (8/18): Exploring The Benefits Of Tummy Time

Austin in Medela's Human Milk Insights  (9/1): Spotlight on Practice

Austin on Evaluating Motherhood Podcast (10/9): Infant Bodywork: Craniosacral Therapy (& More!)







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